Deportation of “Abu An´nawar“ Bedouin is part of the occupation plans to undermine embodying the existence of the State of Palestine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine strongly condemns the demolition orders that Israeli occupation authorities have distributed in the Palestinian town of “Silwan“, as well as those military orders related to halting of homes construction in the Palestinian town of “Abu Dis“ and deporting of more than 600 Palestinian citizens from the Jahalin Arabs from their residents compound of Abu Nawar in a way that affects and threatens their livelihoods, their lives and future. The Ministry asserts that these orders come in the context of an official Israeli plan, aimed at emptying the land from its indigenous population in order to implement the project of the “Greater Jerusalem“ which would separate the northern West Bank from its south and center, overthrow the possibility of the existence of a viable and contiguous Palestinian state.

For a very long time, the Ministry has warned the international community of the dangers of this Israeli occupational plan on the two-state solution, peace and stability in the region and it continues to alert all States of the world, the United Nations and the Quartet about the consequences of this plan and the implications of settlement and Judaization policy that successive Israeli government has pursued and followed since the start of the Israeli occupation in 1967 until today.

In this context, the Ministry calls for humanitarian and legal organizations and all organizations specialized in settlement affairs to continue their work in monitoring and documenting the Israeli violations in this regard, in order to submit these documents to the ICC and other international organizations and bodies with jurisdiction. 

MoFA of the state of Palestine, Ramallah calls on the international community and the High contracting parties to Geneva Conventions to take an urgent action to provide international protection for the Palestinian people, to stop the Israeli colonial settlement policy and compel Israel to international law and international humanitarian law including Geneva Conventions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine
Ramallah, 9 July 2015