Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine

Elections are an internal affair of Israel and there is no other solution than the two-state solution
In accordance with Israeli elections and with respect to the interests of our people and non-interference in internal affairs of Israel, we will politically deal with the future Israeli government, regardless of who will create it and who will lead it. Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the elections will open to the international community a chance to restore serious peace negotiations using the experience of previous negotiations and that the International community will commit itself to follow the rules and principles of international peace process, including the Arab Peace Initiative, and it will commit itself to put an end to settlements and at the same time implement all previous agreements, and all that, within a time frame in order to end the Israeli occupation of the territories of the State of Palestine and establish an independent State of Palestine within the 1967 borders with its capital city East Jerusalem.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that it will continue its political and diplomatic negotiations at all levels so that the legitimate rights of our people at all international platforms (fora) would be respected, the State of Palestine on its territory with the capital city East Jerusalem would be established, the perpetuating Israeli violations against our people, its territory and the holy sites would be exposed and that the Israeli perpetrators would be brought to the International Criminal Court. Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the International community, the International Quartet, relevant UN agencies, regional and international human rights organizations, to ensure compliance with the international law, international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions in Palestine, to stand on the side of the Palestinian people and its leadership represented by President Mahmoud Abbas and its constant efforts to ensure peace, security and peace in Palestine, the region and the whole world.