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Located on the Mediterranean seashore, 32 km north of the Egyptian border, Gaza City is considered one of the most ancient towns in the world. Strategically placed on the Mediterranean coastal route, ancient Gaza was a prosperous trade centre and a stop on the caravan route between Egypt and Syria.

Tulkarem and Qalqila

The prosperous town of Tulkarem is located 12 km from the Mediterranean Sea, and about 15 kilometres west of Nablus. Its  location between the coastal plain and mountain of the central Palestine has made it an important stop along both trade and conquest over the course history. Originally inhabited by the Canaanites, its ancient name was Tur Karm, meaning the Mountain of Vineyards, because of its fertile land.


Located about 43km north of Nablus, on the ancient trade road from Nablus through wadi Bal’ama and across the plain of Marj Ibn Amer and Lajjun to Haifa ,and an altitude about (100-250) above the sea level. The name was derived from Ein Ganim meaning the spring of Ganim and referring to the region’s plentiful spring. Jenin Knows as Gina in the Amarna letters in the fourteenth century B.C, and Gina in the Roman period in crusader period the city named Grand Grin.


Neapolis, the new city, was founded in 72 AD by the Flavian Emperors, as part of the Roman dynasty. Built on the northern slope of Mount Gerizim, around 2 km west of Tell Balata, the Roman city was marked on the Madaba map as early as the sixth century AD. Over the years, the original Greek name, Neapolis, was Arabicised into the city’s modern name, Nablus. It was printed on the first city coins issued during the reign of Domitian and Marcus Aurelius. The city developed into a major centre in the second century AD. Major building projects were launched, including the hippodrome, the theatre, and other public buildings. A Roman temple dedicated to Zeus was erected on Mount Gerizim during the reign of Antonius Pius. During the reign of Philip the Arab, the city of Neapolis was raised to the status of a Roman colony: Colonia Flavia Iulia Sergia Neapolis.


Ramallah - The Bride of Palestine

Located 16 km north of Jerusalem, at an elevation of 900 m above sea level at the crest of the Hills. It is known as the “Bride of Palestine” for its general geographical beauty. Ramallah has a pleasant, cool climate and has long been a popular Summer resort. . During the twelfth century, French Crusaders built a stronghold in Ramallah, and the remains of a Crusader tower, known as At-Tira, can still be seen in the old part of town.


Located 36 km east of Jerusalem, Jericho is on the road to Amman and at the junction of the highway to the Galilee. In Jericho is Tel As-Sultan, the ancient city of Jericho, which is the lowest (258 m below sea level) and the oldest town on earth, dating back more than 10,000 years. It grew up around a perennial spring, Ain As-Sultan, in an area of fertile alluvial soil which attracted hunter-gatherer groups to settle and start the process of plant and animal domestication. Ain As-Sultan is known as Elisha’s spring, where the prophet Elisha cleansed the water of Jericho.

Hebron (Khalil Ar-Rahman)

Hebron is one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in the world, its Arabic name, Khalil al-Rahman, means ‘The Friend of God.’ Ancient Hebron was situated on Jebel Ar-Rumeideh (the Rumeideh hill), located southwest of the current historic town. Archaeological investigations show several layers of habitation, dating from the Chalcolithic period (circa 4500-3200 BC) down to the Umayyad period (661-750 AD). 

Jerusalem - Al Quds

Jerusalem, as a holy city for Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Archaeological excavations show the history of the city began over 5,000 years ago. Among its 220 historic monuments are the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, built in the seventh century, which stand as magnificent pieces of architecture. It is also home to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which houses Christ’s tomb...
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